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Week of 4.13.2020

Calling all Bronx Stem & Arts Academy Musicians!!!

I am holding a contest for the most musical and creative interpretation of our school song "Our Door is Always Open". I will be accepting videos until the end of the week.

Click the button below to find lyrics, a video example and to submit your video!


This Weeks Musical Moment


Watch 9 year old, Nadi Bushell, jam out to a classic Stevie Wonder tune!


Topic  of the Week: Beethoven!

This year marks 250 years since the great composer, Beethoven, was born. What better way to celebrate his accomplishments than to learn a little more about his life and enjoy listening to his timeless masterpieces!


Interactive Music Websites

New York Philharmonic 

Games, Puzzles, and More!

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Games, Puzzles, and More!

London Symphony Orchestra

Experience a live orchestra performance from the seat of a musician.

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Take a tour through Cincinnati Music Hall!

Classics for Kids

Games, Puzzles, and More!

"Yesterday I Had the Blues" by Jeron Ashford Frame

Guided Reading

Make Your Own Song

Create your own song in this interactive game.

TedEd: Music

Want to learn what makes music so amazing? Choose one of these videos!


My Mood Soundtrack - Energized

The mood I was feeling when making this sound track was energized! When I feel energized I love listening to upbeat music that makes me want to dance.

1. Spicy by Herve Pagez feat. Diplo & Charlie XCX

This song makes me feel energized because it is upbeat and samples a song that I used to like dancing to when I was a child.

2. still feel by half alive

This song makes me feel energized because of the lyrics. It reminds me that even during sad times, I am alive and that's a wonderful thing to be!

3. Dance Monkey by Tones & I

This song makes me feel energized for many reasons, but it mainly reminds me of playing freeze dance with my students  which makes me want to get up out of my chair and move!


Fur Elise Ball Bouncing Activity

I challenge you all to try this ball bouncing activity along with one of Beethoven's most recognizable pieces, Fur Elise! Send your videos to me at cmckenna@etmonline.org


Orchestra Resources

Essential Elements Violin Book 1

Essential Elements Viola Book 1

Essential Elements Cello Book 1

Essential Elements Bass Book 1


Classical Corner

Symphony No. 5 - Beethoven



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